Quick and Easy Baked Potatoes

I really like baked potatoes, but sometimes I haven’t planned ahead enough to wait out the 45 + minutes it may take to bake large potatoes.  So instead, I have a trick that bakes them in about 30 minutes and gives a nice flavor to boot.  Halve potatoes lengthwise (I used russet potatoes tonight, but it works just as well with red potatoes or sweet potatoes), coat lightly with olive oil, place both halves on a metal skewer and bake face down at 45o degrees for 30 minutes or until easily pierced with a  fork.  The cut half adds a nice roasted flavor to the potatoes.

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What's to say? I love to cook and I think families benefit from sitting down together for dinner every night.

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  1. Good tip… I love baked potato, too 🙂


  2. When I want a quick baked potato I zap ’em in the microwave. About 7 minutes at full power and a large potato is ready to eat.


  3. THAT is not a baked potato! It is a nicely steamed potato. IMHO 😉


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