Stef over at the cupcake project took my butter cracker recipe and ran with it.  She tweaked and fiddled and came up with a recipe that I tried this morning.  Yay!  Good tasting crackers!  I ground some kosher salt onto mine to go along with the salted butter they were brushed with while still hot from the oven.

I had the best luck with those that were rolled the thinnest but they were all good.  Note that the empty mayo jar can be used for things other than sourdough starter.

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4 thoughts on “Mmm…crackers

  1. i intend to make these today / recently our local City Market (affectionately known as Shifty Markup) offered samples of chipotle smoked salmon sitting on a Ritz cracker / sitz on a Ritz! / so i purchased some of the salmon and of course got a box of Ritz which i have not had in years despite my overall fondness for them / next i saw the Ritz cracker recipe on Tastespotting / printed it out and now here you are with them too !

    other successful cracker attempts have been cheese crackers which i made to look like Cheez Its / small squares with the little holes



  2. Katharine-
    I made a second batch the next day. I noted that the thinner rolled crackers were superior to the thick ones so I rolled the dough directly on the silicone mat and cut them out there. (I think the cupcake gal did the same thing?)

    Easy then to just lift the mat onto a tray for baking. I don’t think you can roll them too thin, some of the ones I did were nearly translucent and they turned out fine. Goes with out saying that the thinner the roll the faster they brown.

    Mrs J took all the crackers and some crab dip I made to the shelter with her to share a break time treat with the other volunteers. Two mayo jars full of crackers in all, she came back with the empty jars.


  3. thanks for the tip, Jeff

    although i dont have a silicone mat i have successfully rolled out pasta dough so you can read a newspaper through it / yup with my rolling pin and lots of patience

    with pasta it pretty much depends on the dough / i usually use the one Mario Battali published a few years ago / it is very rollable

    i live in a remote town in SE Utah / not sure there are any silicone mats readily available / maybe i will take a look


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