He’s back! Sorry-no bells on.

Sorry it’s been so long since I posted.  Been having some knee troubles that are depressing me, and we are in the midst of trying to get some concrete poured.  The weather isn’t being very cooperative-it looks like we will get a good soaking today, and it may well turn into snow later.  We had a spell of warm spring weather last week that had me out tilling and expanding the garden plot and cruising the garden centers looking for sprouts and seeds.

That all seems like last year now.

Good day to stuff some shells with cheese.


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2 thoughts on “He’s back! Sorry-no bells on.

  1. I wish it was just my one knee. I’m expecting the one they worked on to be stiff but after a few days climbing on and off the little tractor the left knee is just as bad as the right, and after several days “off” of it it isn’t any better. If I didn’t have some vicodin left from the operation I’m afraid I couldn’t even walk. I’m very depressed about the prospect of a pain filled life.


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