Mmm…crab dip*

*no actual crabs were harmed while making this dip-uses the fake crab meat stuff

I’ve made this several times in the last few months, and a few iterations of the recipe before this I had a bit of blue cheese salad dressing left over and thought I’d toss it into the mix.  It was so good I went with real crumbled blue cheese the last two times.  Always before I’ve added a small can of real crab meat so that I wouldn’t have to blush when I claimed it to be “crab dip”.   We didn’t have any in the cupboard today so it went without.  Can’t see that it makes much difference in the taste–the blue cheese flavor predominates so that the fake crab meat is not much more than a useful filler.

I’ll list the ingredients used in it this time, these amounts are approximate for the most part, and you should always feel free to use other stuff in yours.  Some finely minced fresh hot peppers come to mind if you prefer spicier dips.

1 lb of the fake crab meat

12 oz of whipped cream cheese

5 oz of crumbled blue cheese

~1/3 c mayo

2 ribs celery

2 T of chopped parsley

fresh ground black pepper

salt to taste

I used a mini food processor to mince all the ingredients.  I wouldn’t chop the stuff too finely lest it end up a puree-it needs to have some solid bits in there.  Go with whatever size works for your own tastes.

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