Surf ‘n Turf

Phew.  We’ve been busy.  The garden is mostly planted, the concrete work is done and the landscaping around it is pretty much caught up.  I’ve been battling knees and the weather.  We haven’t really been cooking much, aside from some simple things like fried eggs and sausage.  Eating a lot of sammiches, the gyros are starting to get old, even.  We stopped at the Chinese buffet in the little sidewalk mall outside of town.  First real meal we’ve had in days.

I threw this dinner together this afternoon.  The only things that took much effort were the potato sides, and they were dead easy.  I microwaved the potatoes, eight minutes for the both of them at max power was enough to cook them through.  I mashed the innards with some shredded pepper jack cheese and some shredded “Mexican” cheeses-they looked to be cheddar and Monterey jack,  I tossed in a little cream cheese just because I could.  Some butter and a splash of half and half and the filling was ready.  Gave the assembled potatoes enough time in a 400 oven to toast the sprinkled cheddar on top just a bit and then garnished them with chopped chives and some crumbled bacon.  Mmm…bacon.

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