Another storm

Mercy!  The storms that blew through last night took out the power again,  just came back on after being out for 20 hours or so.  It was eerie, listening to the storm approach, louder and louder and then-bang!  A long suffering Bradford pear was blown down, and a pine tree in the back yard.  A neighbor’s little tin garden shed wound up against a tree in my yard.  All in all it wasn’t that bad.  We got the downed trees cut up and hauled away to the brush pile, the neighbor got a couple of guys to clean up the debris from my yard.  Much appreciated, that.

I’m pretty much pooped out.  The two tree trees were about all I wanted.  Glad the chain saw started up OK.  We had a steak for dinner, and another pair of these yummy twice baked potatoes.  I’ve been making these a lot lately.

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