Mmm…Onion Rings

Mrs J and I went to the grocery store after dealing with the downed trees, I was needing a refill from the in store pharmacy and Mrs J was just wanting to get out of the house.  In the produce aisle I noticed they had some sweet onions bagged up.  Alas, they weren’t the famous Vidalias-some Texas brand I haven’t seen before but we bought a bag.  They are just Ok, the rings were not as fat as with Vidalias but the flavor was fine.  In the way that supermarkets have they also displayed some batter mix for frying the rings and I bought a packet.  We fried up one of the onions to have with the steaks and potatoes.  The rings were good, very good, actually.  I wanted to have rings again soon so I went to the Google and first up on the page was this recipe.  I noticed right away the five stars, and also took note of the huge number of reviews and the even larger number of people who had saved the recipe to their own files.  I gave it a whirl this morning, Mrs J having gone in to the shelter and it being just a bit too cool to enjoy any outside work.  And I’m lazy.

I’m going to declare right now that those five stars were well earned, this is the best batch of onion rings I have ever cooked and I can’t recall any better rings anywhere.

I tossed some stale white bread into the food processor and reduced it to fine crumbs.  The recipe doesn’t call for any seasoning beyond the teaspoon of salt, and I stayed true to the text this time but I imagine some cayenne would work in this, and certainly fresh ground black pepper would.

[Edit] I notice upon a reread that the recipe calls for the fried rings to be sprinkled with seasoned salt-an excellent idea.  They were good with just some ground kosher salt.


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4 thoughts on “Mmm…Onion Rings

  1. Onions rings are one of my favorite treats. I like when they are breaded with Panko, it gives them an extra crunch and great flavor. These look excellent. Might have to have rings for lunch now.

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  2. Yum. Two “extra” comments.

    1) I usually make mine without the breadcrumbs, but by double-dipping. Flour, eggbatter, flour, eggbatter, flour. It’s a flakier coating.

    2) There are two outstanding times to add seasoning, especially if you’re using more than salt. One is after the first eggbatter (and before the dry, whichever way). The other is immediately after removing from the oil. In both cases you’re avoiding the seasoning getting burned while frying but making sure it sticks.


  3. Good to see you back, Kirk. And yup on the seasoning-just out of the hot oil is prime time for a good dusting with seasonings of choice.
    This is the first time I’ve used bread crumbs on onion rings that I can recall. Won’t be the last.


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