I don’t know what it is about ramen noodles that I like so much.  I think it may be because they are akin to a blank sheet of paper in that they are pure potential.  You are presented with an opportunity, a blank slate, an empty canvas.  There are so many things you can do with a plain bowl of noodles and in being known for my photos more so than my cooking talents there is an additional appeal for me.

Just about any kind of meat and vegetable will work in these  staple dishes.  This latest  one has shrimp, fried pork, and some of that fake crab meat.  I was determined to use up a few dried shiitake mushrooms I’ve has on the shelf for a good long time so I boiled some of them up with a few dried red peppers.  I used the broth from this as a base for the soup instead of chicken broth.  I thought about adding some cabbage sliced thin or some florets from a stalk of broccoli but decided to just keep it simple so that I could eat it in one sitting.  Mrs J was sure to refuse anything with red peppers so obviously featured.

The brand of noodles I used today comes with a couple of additional packets-one was dried veggies and herbs of some sort which I included and the other was a hot chili seasoning that I left out.  More often I put it in.

They don’t have to be soup!  Drain the water and use them in a stir fry!  Yum!

Here are some examples from today’s dish and others previous.  Enjoy!

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