Gadget Post


Our last toaster oven lost its ability to toast and became redundant with the recent purchase shown above.  We spent more this time on the replacement and expected to get more for it and we were rewarded with a very competent device.  It’s a Breville, sized for 4 slices.  As depicted in the photo it has room enough to take the 10″ frying pan with room to spare.  We bought a 12″ round nonstick pizza pan that fits it just right.

It does all we ask of it, makes good toast.  The controls are well laid out and intuitive.  There are settings galore.  Some initial experimentation allowed the finish on the toast to meet our desires and it remembered the settings the next time.

Plenty of reviews at the link above, and a good description of all the features.  I won’t go into any of that here.  I’ll just say that it looks and feels well put together with quality materials and gets a thumbs up from both of us.