Mmm…chocolate filled cannolis

We made up a bunch of cannoli shells for the picnic last week but Mrs J came down sick and we never got around to filling them till today.  They’ve been in the freezer and seem none the worse for the wait.

Last filling she made up was the basic vanilla filling of sweetened riccota and cream cheeses.  They were pretty good but I prevailed upon her to do something chocolaty with these.  I found a filling recipe and printed it out but she went her own way on this batch.

We made a smallish batch using the following recipe:

1 c riccota

1/2 c cream cheese

1/3 c cocoa powder

1/2 c Splenda

1/2 c semi sweet chocolate chips-whirled for a bit in a processor

3/4 c chopped hazelnuts

Mix in a bowl and then pipe the mixture into both ends of the cannoli tubes.

3 thoughts on “Mmm…chocolate filled cannolis

  1. Mmm these look soo good! And they look so much more complicated than they sound like they really are to make. I may just have to give them a shot 🙂


  2. Welcome! The filling is dead simple to make, no cooking at all. The shells require the proper little steel tube to wrap around for the fryer. There are the usual difficulties with doughs and rolling pins. Plenty of dough recipes out there, the trick seems to be in forming the shells, thinner is better. I’m not settled on the proper sizing of these things, I saw where someone had made 2 shells on each metal tube, they were much shorter than what we make. We just haven’t come from the proper tradition, we haven’t grown up around these things 🙂


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