So Whatever Happened to LFern?

I talk about LFern a bit in the blog, after all she is my chocolate and coffee buddy.  And of course she blogged for us for a bit….but then…

She went off and started working for a magazine that supports her first love…knitting.  Where she is the assistant editor and blogger.   Here’s her latest entry.

Dear WitKnits*,

It’s June! My son is out of school and no matter how old I get, I still relish the idea of summer and firmly believe that I too will be on summer break. This inevitably leads to a fall melancholy when it becomes clear that summer is over and those days of lounging by the pool and rocking on the porch never happened. But today that moment is a distant echo of autumns past, this year will be different, this year… Keep reading….


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What's to say? I love to cook and I think families benefit from sitting down together for dinner every night.

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