Mrs J is out of town visiting her sis, they meet halfway between each other and for Mrs J it’s an hour drive or so.  They usually meet up at the local Cracker Barrel for brunch and a chat.  Not going anywhere with this, but I do need some text now and again to pad out my pictures.

Pictures?  Yes, I have one today.

I was wondering this morning what fabulous breakfast I would make for myself just as soon as Mrs J took off.  A browse through the big freezer in the section where we keep the sausage turned up a package of the boudin sausage I bought a looong time ago.  Figured I’d better use some of it up.  I’ve scrambled it with eggs before and enjoyed it so that’s the direction I took today.

The links thaw fast, and semi frozen sausages make peeling the casing easy.  I crumbled the contents into a hot non stick pan with some oil and a sliced onion.  Cook those over medium high heat until the onions wilt and the boudin is showing signs of browning, toss some sliced fresh jalapenos in there for some spice.  I sprinkled in some red pepper flakes while I was at it.  Once the boudin has as much brown on it as not, add some beaten eggs and let them cook a bit, then stir and fold them over lightly.  Serve when the eggs are how you like them.

As a side note, the cherry tomatoes are from the patio garden container-picked fresh this morning.


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