Mmm…popcorn shrimp

I grabbed a bag of frozen shrimp and tossed them into the sink to thaw without giving them much attention.  When I finally looked I was a bit surprised to see that it was a big bag of peeled small shrimp.  Until I saw that I had been undecided about what I was going to do with them.  So happens that we watched a recorded showing of one of the cooking shows just last night where the chef prepared some popcorn shrimp.  I found the recipe first try with Google.

I had some frozen pot stickers that didn’t turn out so hot.  Kirk 1, jeffreyw 0

Let’s just say that when they say “stickers” that they aren’t referring to decals.

Those lumps to the left there are not really individual dumplings.  They are as one.  They are firmly, uh, married.  That’s it-they are one big happy family.  Look over there!—>

The dipping sauce for the potstickers was pretty good, anyway.  It is soy sauce, rice vinegar, a crushed clove of garlic, some red pepper flakes, a couple packets of Splenda, and a shot of sesame oil.

Since we are both diabetic I made only a small amount of  the spiced honey drizzle.  It was very tasty.  The red goop is Sriracha sauce.

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  1. The dumplings weren’t bad, aside from the sticking together part. I have a bamboo steamer somewhere, I should have dug it out instead of using the stainless steamer. They would have had more room at any rate.


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