Potato Leek Soup

I’ve been walking right by the leeks when I shop the produce aisle.  They just look too much like overgrown green onions to me.  Started thinking, “green onions?  Nothing really bad about green onions.”  Picked up a bunch last time around.  I had my iTouch with me, and my MiFi hotspot so I looked through Google for recipes.  Wanted to make sure that I had everything needed to do something interesting with the leeks.  Hmm, potato leek soup, potato leek soup…more soup.  OK, I can take soup for an answer.

Emeril has a very well rated potato leek soup recipe.  I went with his, and wasn’t disappointed.  It was pretty easy and I had it ready before I had given much thought to presentation.  Hmm….croutons?

Went with some sliced hoagie rolls toasted and spread with goat cheese and sprinkled with the dried Tex-Mex peppers I used in the burgers yesterday.  Yummy.

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One thought on “Potato Leek Soup

  1. Mmm, this looks good. It may be one of my first vitamix soups. Also, just had a workmate say he loves fish-leek soup. He couldn’t remember exactly what was in it, but firm white fish and leeks.\

    Edit: I posted this yesterday….why it is just showing up today, I have no idea.


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