Checking In…

Been busy with work and playing with my new Vitamix.  Having a good time exploring what it can do besides make a smoothie (that is one expensive smoothie).  Surprisingly, I’ve found it makes a great chopped salad.  It can pretty evenly chop lettuce and tomatoes.  I like my lettuce chopped small – hate having large leaves that I either have to cut or cram on my fork.  It’s easier than hand chopping and the clean up is the selling point.  It’s not going to take the place of a food processor, but I never use mine anyway.  I usually end up chopping by hand or using the hand grater rather than clean up the processor.  The vitamix is 90 seconds and then clean.  Smoothies are made in a blink of an eye and then clean up is done, all in about 1/3 of the time of my old blender.

I’ve seen two really good recipes I wan’t to try next week.  The first was a ‘perfect’ apple crisp on America’s Test Kitchen which involves cooking the apples in a skillet, then adding the crumble and baking quickly at high heat.  I’m up for anything I can do in my cast iron.  The next one is from Ming Tsai, an amazing looking steak and onion hoagie. (Wonder if I can get JeffW to send a few hoagie rolls my way?).  And finally, the guys have been kicking some butt at work and asked if I would bake them something.  I want to try the 7-UP cake again, because the first one was so incredibly dry (nothing to do with the recipe, more to do with baker’s error), so that’s on my radar for the week, too.

Had some good rides this week.  Started taking binoculars along, nothing spectacular has appeared yet, but I’m prepared.  I got a new phone and still getting used to the camera.  So here are a few pictures from today’s ride.

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