Strawberry Ice

It was much too hot to even think about cooking today.  Even eating was a challenge, but at the end of the day, a frozen strawberry treat sounded like the ticket.  Really hit the spot.   It was pretty basic, frozen strawberries, yogurt, milk and a tray of ice cubes.  Blend for a minute and then  “Bob’s your uncle” you’ve got a frozen treat.

The Vitamix came with a very large cookbook.  Been going through it and the soups look good come fall, lots of ice creams, frozen fruit dessert, etc that will be nice treat during the summer.  It was a little scant on standard fare (i.e. things that aren’t blended) but I think I can adapt somethings to its unique abilities.  Time will tell.

Regardless….every morning will be a Jamba Juice morning here.  LOL.  It’s amazing how much spinach and kale you can sneak into a fruit smoothie and not notice it.

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