We have a couple of containers of basil out on the  patio that are going like gangbusters.  Hah, and I was worried earlier that a frost and some hail had ruined them.

Those smaller pots beyond the basil have rosemary, oregano, and thyme.  Mrs J even brought back one of those ornamental Thai pepper plants-the kind that bears the tiny little red peppers.  I’m using the fresh basil leaves in my Awesome Sauce, and in spaghetti sauces and the like but there will be more than I can use fresh.  I snipped off a bunch of flowering tops this morning and rather than toss them I packed them into a jar and filled it with olive oil.

Some reading this morning recommended this a a way to preserve basil for later use, not to mention the flavor it will add to the oil.  Also noted were a couple of ways to freeze the leaves, and also some drying methods were cited.  And there is always pesto, though I am not a huge fan.  I may try some pesto recipes before I’m done.  I will be freezing some in plastic bags for sure


2 thoughts on “Mmm…basil

  1. we did basil in olive oil one year / the year we had a field of it !

    the basil expanded in the jar and leaked olive oil all over so keep an eye on it.

    Pesto Genovese (the pesto made with basil and pine nuts) is no longer a favorite of mine / get rancid pine nuts just once and that is the end of it / i use pistachios and other assorted nuts, often multiple nuts, for making pesto and have made pesto with peas, kale, mustard greens, parsley, cilantro / i bet you have too

    also, too, i like chunky pesto but no longer use a mortar and pestle / rough chop in a food processor works fine

    buon appetito / si mangia bene e tutta la famiglia


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