Tuna salad

I’ve been a huge fan of tuna salad for a long, long time.  Now I’m talking about the tuna in the can, never fresh tuna, not sure I’ve even seen fresh tuna anywhere except on a TV show.  I’ll bet fresh would make a super salad, I know that I made salmon patties from fresh salmon once and they were really good.  It’s just that here in Small Town, HeartLand,  USA! USA! we are pretty far from an ocean.  I’m not sure catfish would do.

Any way:

A tuna fish sammich has to be on toast.  I will brook no dissent.  This toast was made from a loaf of white bread (Julia Child’s recipe!) but whole wheat will work, and that nice NY City deli rye bread would be very good indeed…

I have a pal who grew up in NY City, and he sniffs with disdain whenever he sees my tuna salad.  His recipe uses tuna, grated onion, and mayo.  I’m not really sure about the mayo.  I’ll pin him down if he shows in the chat room today.  I’m a fan of tuna with “the works”.  This batch has mayo, hard boiled eggs, sweet pickle relish, celery, green peppers, chopped green olives with the pimentos and sweet onions.  I’ve been known to add shredded cheddar or another cheese to the mix.  Mainly I add whatever I have on hand that seems like a good idea.

Have you a favorite tuna salad recipe?

4 thoughts on “Tuna salad

  1. I like to keep things relatively simple. Mayo, hardboiled eggs, celery seed (not salt), and either olives with the pimentos or relish. Never both. And don’t forget the salt and pepper, although I usually sprinkle both on when I make the sandwich.

    A variation that I made up when I had veggies from the garden coming out of my ears included dicing up cucumbers and tomatoes to throw in with the mayo, eggs, and celery seed. Hint: If you are going to use fresh cucumbers, dice them, put them in a strainer, and salt them. Let them sit for about 30 minutes before use. It keeps them from weeping in the tuna salad and making it all watery. This works for the grated onion too.

    I’ve also been known to dice up some jalepenos and throw them in. Is there anything that jalepenos don’t taste good in?

    Yes, the bread must be toasted and there must be a garnish of tomatoes and lettuce. My homemade bread and butter pickles are an excellent accompaniment too.


  2. Yo, Rupert-

    You show remarkable good taste, and good for you. (toast) I believe I may have had cucumbers before in a tuna salad, it’s something I would likely try. When I make the tzatziki sauce for gyros I usually squeeze them dry in a tea towel, though I have seen mention of the salt trick.
    Sigh, I would gladly add jalapenos to the mix but for the Missus. I have no qualms mixing relish and olives. On reflection, I may have used diced pickled banana peppers before. Just about any veggie garnish or pickle would work for me.



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