Mmm…pasta salad

TaMara’s macaroni salad had me jonesing for my own this fine day.

I didn’t follow a recipe, exactly.  I knew there needed to be pasta of some sort and a half bag of these bowties seemed to fit the bill.  I knew I wanted to use some of the cherry tomatoes our patio plantings are bearing for us.  Half the battle, right there.  Mayo seemed obvious, and that took me to the sour cream right there by it in the fridge.  So far, so good.  OK, celery, diced a few stalks, and that suggested celery seed, in went those things.  Onion, check-red bell pepper, check-dill weed, check-a little minced dill pickle? Why not, check.  Hmm..hard boiled eggs!  Yes, absolutely!  A little touch of sour?  Aah, some rice vinegar is pretty mellow, some sweet to balance the sour?  Splenda-splendid!  Some kosher salt and some black pepper and Ta Da!