Huevos Divorciados

I set my DVR to record a cooking show that caught my eye, Mexican Made Easy , and sat down over the long weekend to browse through the shows.  This recipe just jumped right out at me.  I’ve long been a fan of eggs and salsa and this just hits the sweet spot for me.  The title translates to “divorced eggs” and the image is of two eggs going separate ways.  Thus the two salsas.

I wanted to do this this morning but wanted it fast so I used salsas from the pantry.  This thing really cries out for chunky salsas and the green salsa disappointed in that regard.  Mighty tasty anyway.

The show had the chef frying the tortillas in oil, I used my trusty toaster oven to toast the tortillas this morning.  I brushed them both with olive oil first, and sprinkled my new favorite spice mix on one of them that I cut into triangles to dress the plate up a little.  The sprinkle is a Tex-Mex ancho/chipotle mix with salt and black pepper in it, and probably some garlic and onion powder as well.  Lost the label, alas.  I think it just listed the ingredients as “spices” anyway, heh.

3 thoughts on “Huevos Divorciados

  1. When I saw the title, I thought you made eggs so hot Mrs. J threatened to leave. Glad to hear it’s the eggs that are divorcing. LMAO.


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