Mmm…pizza for breakfast!

There are a few things that make pizza for breakfast feasible, chief among them is this toaster oven.  I’ll use this as an occasion to add to that first gadget post.  I love this thing.  Realized this week that it will hold my 9″ cast iron skillet with the door closed.  I bought a 12″ non-stick coated pizza pan for it that works great.  There are some minor quibbles I will note for the record:  The chimes that say “I’m done” aren’t nearly loud enough.  Some of the programmed settings allow for a preheat-this period is followed by a countdown of the time programmed into the toaster setting.  With the soft chime at the end of the preheat I miss the beginning of the timed period pretty often and have to restart.  Of course the oven has reached temp by then and the preheat is short.  Minor quibbles.

The other main thing that makes breakfast pizza fast and fun is the package of pitas in the freezer.  For this pizza I used one of the pitas I bought yesterday at my favorite grocery store, the Asian place in the next town over.  I could have used one of my own.  Since that post I have learned to poke holes all over the rolled dough to keep it from ballooning-something you don’t want for a pizza crust.  Also don’t let pitas you intend for pizza to brown as much as those, just a few minutes on a side to stiffen them a bit, they will brown later as you bake the pizza.

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