Green bean salad

We had some fresh green beans on hand and as I was snapping them to size I decided to use them in a cold salad.  It was easy enough, just dump the beans into a big pot of salted boiling water to blanch them, these took about five minutes.  Plunge the drained beans into an ice water bath to stop them cooking then drain them well and set them aside-covered in the fridge would be perfect.

I collected some grape and cherry tomatoes from the patio to go with the beans.  A vinaigrette of your choice is the dressing.  I made one with olive oil, white vinegar and honey Dijon mustard.  I added chopped green onions, a finely diced red jalapeno, a splash of sesame oil, a smashed and minced clove of garlic, and salt and pepper.  Toss the tomatoes and beans with the dressing when serving at the table.

BBQ ribs and roasted potatoes rounded out dinner today.

5 thoughts on “Green bean salad

  1. my CSA share has lots of green beans / pounds of them !

    i sort them as to size with the skinniest ones (fagiolini) to have with fresh tomatoes and fresh mozzarella dressed with olive oil and black pepper / some basil if you wish / next size of beans go for being pickled and the fattest beans get run through a Frrench bean cutter and put away blanched and vacuum packed to make green bean casserole this winter / well, that’s what i did today

    your salad looks delicious



  2. Katherine-

    Nice to hear from you again. These were just this side of too big to do this. Another minute in the boiling water might have helped a tad, but that would have chanced overcooking them. These had about the same amount of crunch as they did chew. All in all, these were good enough to do again, though I may tweak the vinaigrette a bit. A splash of soy?



  3. Leave a green pepper on the bush and it will turn red as it matures. I’m not sure if jalapenos get hotter or mellow out. This one was tame. I chose a red pepper for the color contrast with the green of the beans.


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