We are having fun now!

I had some leftover sauteed tomatoes from the pasta last night, and some of the mozzarella.  I sliced some bread and started fooling around.

I added the tomatoes to a slice, piled on the mozz, and stuck it into the toaster oven.  While it was heating up I went to the basil bush and picked some leaves.

When the cheese was all melty and starting to toast, I pulled it and drizzled a fair amount of olive oil onto the thing, and topped that with some basil.  I told myself that this was really wanting to be a sammich.

So, butter another slice and pop everything back into the toaster.  Now were talking!  The cheese started to ooze, and the oil was bubbling away.  Now what?  Well, cutting a sammich in two is always a popular way to present it: