Chicken quesadillas with black bean salsa

This dish is so common that it was odd, I thought, that I had never done them before.  It amounts to nothing but a South of the border style toasted cheese sandwich.

Coat one side of a tortilla with oil and place it oil side down in a hot skillet, sprinkle some stuff on top of that, and then lay another oiled tortilla atop it, oil side up this time.  Flip it over when it browns and brown the other side.  An alternate method is to double half of a tortilla over on itself with the fillings inside.  As to fillings, there are no rules.  I would bet that 95% have cheese on them, and many of those get nothing else.  It would make a perfectly serviceable  quesadilla.  Most everyone who goes to the trouble, though, will add more stuff.  Tonight I had some diced roasted chicken, some shredded “taco” cheese, and a daub or four of regular tomato salsa.  Next time I will hold the salsa and double up on the cheese.

As is the usual thing around here, I had some cherry tomatoes that I needed to use somewhere.  Perfect night for some fresh salsa.  I opened a can of black beans and rinsed those off, chopped a bunch of the cherry tomatoes, a few jalapenos, an onion, and splashed in some lime juice.  Some salt and pepper and an hour in the fridge and it came together nicely.