Salsa Verde

Wasn’t very long ago that I made my first batch of this stuff.  It’s pretty easy but it does take time to cook the peppers and to drag the blender out and then clean it up.  While at the farmer’s market yesterday I took note of all the nice peppers and decided to make a larger batch for canning.

Into the pot this morning went 2 onions, 4 poblanos, a double handful of sweet banana peppers, 2 green bell peppers, and 2 heads of garlic-peeled and crushed.  I added enough chicken stock to aid in cooking them and let them simmer for 15 minutes.

I dipped those out of the pot and into my blender in  batches and pulsed it to reach the desired texture, and then pureed a small last batch to provide a thicker liquid base for the salsa.

I poured it all into 3 pint jars and processed them in a boiling water bath.[*]  Consult your local county extension website for proper canning method.  [Canny advice-Eds.]  Groan-jeffreyw.  

[*] Edited to add:  A comment at another venue warned that a boiling water bath was not appropriate for this recipe!  Use a pressure canner or preservatives to prevent botulism!  h/t waiowai.

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