My new favorite thing…

…or how I fell head over heels for a quesadilla.  LOL

Experimentation continues with a breakfast quesadilla.  This one features my home made chorizo, scrambled eggs, and some cheeses.  I used three skillets for this, two would have done the job, and you could get by with just one if you didn’t mind washing a hot pan amid all your breakfast cookery.  You will need one pan large enough to lay a tortilla flat in it.  You will note that I still have plenty of the salsa with beans and corn left, we are whittling it down dish by dish.

The method here remains the same:  oil one side of a tortilla and place it into a hot skillet, pile your fillings on, and fold the tortilla over on itself, or cover with another tortilla.  Flip it over when it toasts to a nice brown.  Depending on the amount of fillings, and their relative temperatures, you might find it useful to cover the pan for a little while with the heat turned low to give all the cheeses time to melt.


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