Inside out grilled cheese.

This was fun, and tasty!  There was a discussion of cheese sammiches at another venue and a commenter linked to a video of what he called “inside out grilled cheese”.  It looked pretty good, but the iconoclast in me rejected the cheese and bread recommendations.  Well not so much reject as discover that I didn’t have that stuff.  I did have some of the garlic sourdough and some muenster cheese.  Another search turned up some shredded Swiss.  I was good to go:

I used olive oil rather than the butter in the video, and placed the sliced muenster inside the bread, and used the shredded Swiss for the crispy outside.  It worked great!

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  1. Ms Belle! Nice of you to drop by, it’s been too long.


  2. That looks great. I watched the video and all I can say is, needs multi-grain bread, mayonnaise and tomato, other than that, excellent sandwich idea. Can’t wait to try it.


  3. TaMara–yup, I peeled mine apart and added mayo and dill pickle chips, I like the pickles cold n crisp.


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