Awesome Sauce [repost]

I’ve made some tomato sauces this summer that qualify for the label.  I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this one before, and teased the recipe.  It is pretty straightforward to make.  Juice a bunch of tomatoes and start them boiling on the stove top.  Now start adding stuff:  The one I’m making today has a head of garlic in it, roughly minced.  I brought in some fresh herbs from the patio garden, a good wad of basil, several sprigs of rosemary, and the same for thyme.  We started some oregano but it died out early and we make do with store bought dried.  There are two grated carrots in there, and a minced onion.  A few ribs of celery diced finely.  Salt and fresh ground back pepper, a few tablespoons of olive oil.  I bet I’m forgetting something, but this will get you very close.

All that’s left to do is simmer the sauce down until it is thick enough to suit you.  Today I started with about six quarts of juice.  I’m not there yet, but I expect to jar one quart, or less.  This stuff makes great pizza sauce.  On pasta it is, well, awesome.

[Edit:]   Made three pints.

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  1. I literally just posted what I think is the best ever tomato sauce, you should take a look. But this one looks just as good! The ingredients look so fresh and lovely – I think the difference is that mine is a little more simple, while yours has a few more ingredients. I’d love to try it at some point!


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