Mmm…cheese crackers

Mrs J so admired the cheddar crackers that Tes made she just had to try her hand at them.  We don’t have any of the multi-grain flour that Tes used but made do with a mix of white flour and whole wheat in a 2:1 mix.  Mrs J also added some garlic and onion powders, 1/8 t each.

After tediously transferring the cut dough from the mat to the baking tray, I remembered a lesson that I had learned the last time we made crackers–use a silicone mat in the tray and cut the rolled dough out right on the mat they will bake on.  D’oh!

We did depart from Tes’s recipe significantly with the sprinkles we used to top them before baking.  We tried two different batches, same dough but different methods on the sprinkles.  In a small food processor, we whirled some cheddar and dried herbs (Mrs Dash’s basil and tomato) along with some seasoned salt and a little fresh black pepper.  Alas, the mixture was a bit too moist to sprinkle evenly although we did manage.  The second batch we sprinkled the leftovers from the first mix and then added salt and the dried herbs separately.  Don’t forget to poke them with a fork lest they balloon out like little pitas!

First batch:

And the second:

And let’s not forget our furry friends:

5 thoughts on “Mmm…cheese crackers

  1. Oh they look perfect 🙂 The adaptation works so well, and they sounds much better than my mine 🙂 And those little dog treats… does the dog actually eat them?


  2. Tes! Nice to see you! Your recipe was constrained by the need to cook “healthy”-we went the full flavor route. The topping needs some work still. And the dogs just love these things! The cats-not so much.


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