Home made sauerkraut

We started some shredded cabbage soaking in brine mid August, trying out one of the dozens of recipes for sauerkraut found online.  We had hoped to make some from our own cabbages but ours never grew.  Mrs J went to the store and came back with a dozen or more heads.  I set to work shredding them with the food processor’s slicing blade-the blade that cuts things you stuff down through the top feed tube.

It took a while, I’d fill a large bowl with cabbage and salt it down, then toss it a bit before I tamped it into a clean 5 gallon plastic bucket.  We had the bucket about 2/3 full when the last head was packed in.  A dinner plate fit pretty well as a top for a plastic jug to sit on as a weight.  We added some brine to ours without waiting to see if it would make enough on its own.

(…a month passes…)

Yay!  This stuff is really looking and tasting like sauerkraut!  We processed about 10 quarts of tightly packed ‘kraut in a water bath.

Broke a jar out last night to cook with a stick of venison sausage a friend had given us.

This is good stuff.  It’s the real thing.  We are delighted with the outcome after fearing we would end with nothing more than a bucket of rotten cabbage.

3 thoughts on “Home made sauerkraut

  1. Just found your site off of Dashboard.

    I’ve experiment twice with making homemade sauerkraut. The first time produced something really good, but not quite sauerkraut. Second, was a failure. But after reading your post and the link to wild fermintation I’m ready to give it a third go around. Many thanks for sharing.



  2. sportsglutton–thanks for stopping by. I wasn’t sure until last night we had sauerkraut. All the signs pointed to a success, but until you open a jar and make something with it there is that wee nagging doubt.


  3. That’s what I love about you and Mrs. J, you’re always willing to try something new and fail. And as a reward 99% of the time you get something good. That’s the secret to a really awesome cook.


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