Mmm…fresh hoagie rolls

These are versatile little rolls, also good for hot dogs or cold cuts, or they make nice garlic toasts when cut in two and spread with garlic butter.

Recipe is 4 cups bread flour, 1-3/8 cups water, 3 T sugar, 1 T yeast, 1/2 T salt, and 3 T shortening or lard.  I let the dough hook work it for 10 minutes and then put it into a greased bowl for the first rise.  Let rise till doubled, divide into 8 or 9 portions and array on a tray and cover for another quick rise, slide tray into 375 oven till they are brown.  I slit the tops of the little loaves after they are divided.

4 thoughts on “Mmm…fresh hoagie rolls

  1. Thanks, frugal one. “Hoagie” is a regional name for what would be called by another name elsewhere.. A hoagie is a sandwich similar to a sub, submarine, hero, grinder, or in the Southern states in the US a “po’ boy”. The names proliferate. Parochial interests often decry the naming of a sandwich made by an outsider as a[n] (insert locally famous named varient) sandwich–“Because, that’s why!” I was recently castigated at another venue for calling a particular sandwich a hoagie, because the bread wasn’t baked at the famous local bakery in Philadelphia.


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