Kentucky Biscuits

Not sure what makes these biscuits “Kentucky” biscuits but there you go.  I had a yen for biscuits and gravy this morning, we had a bit of fresh ground pork thawed so I just crumbled it as it browned, added  salt and pepper and set it aside.  I bought a cannister of Wondra flour the other day, it’s supposed to make smooth gravy without any clumps and it did that well.  Not sure it is any better than regular flour and a good whisk.  I sprinkled a goodly amount onto the sausage grease and cooked it till it just was starting to brown then added a few cups a milk.  As the gravy thickened the browned sausage bits went back in.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the “just cut them but don’t separate” direction in the recipe.

That went well, I think.

The biscuits were pretty good.  When kneading them I folded and refolded the dough and they came out with hints of layering and they were flaky enough to suit.

A couple of eggs sunny side up and some grinds of fresh black pepper were just the things to round out a very nice breakfast.

3 thoughts on “Kentucky Biscuits

  1. Yeah, they were..competent. Not the right word but it does convey some sense of them. Workman like, no nonsense, they just work. Maybe some one with a better command of the language will chime in. A modern day Keats will not be composing an ode on them, but they would fit a ditty.


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