Apple Crisp Revisited: Now with Pictures

Couldn’t let JeffW and Mrs. J outdo me, so I got the camera out today when I decided to bake today.  Going on a picnic tomorrow, so I thought it would be a good time to make some more Perfect Apple Crisp to take along.

I made it in the skillet, but then transported it to a glass baking dish because I think it browns better in it and I have a cover for it and it will be easier to pack.

Oh, and where are we going on this picnic?   The Wild Animal Sanctuary.  Where there are lions and tigers and bears….oh yeah and a beautiful black panther that had his very own television show on Animal Planet.  I’ll try and get pictures.

4 thoughts on “Apple Crisp Revisited: Now with Pictures

  1. Thanks. I hobble along with my old digital and tweak it a bit in photoshop. Really can’t wait to get new equipment, but that’s down the road, only because I’m just not indulging in my photography these days. It used to be my great love and I sure it will be again soon.


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