Pizza for lunch

It’s been a little while since I’ve put a pizza together.  Sounded good for lunch today.

I’m using one of those Lebanese style whole wheat pitas.  These are very thin and make most excellent pizza crusts.  I swabbed on some of my awesome sauce, then pinched off some mozzarella from a fresh block and dotted that around the top.  I dug up some pepperoni and tore a slice of ham into pieces, did the same for a slice of muenster cheese.  There were some chopped fresh tomatoes and onions in a little plastic cup in the fridge left over from some other project, they worked great on this.  I minced a little bit of red bell pepper to round the toppings off.

It spent 15 minutes in my toaster oven on the pizza setting, 425 degrees.  The cheeses were running off the crust.

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