Snow? In Colorado? In October? Shocking.

Sooo….looks like we might be getting some snow.  The talking heads seem to think it may be along the lines of Snowmeggedon.  Been squawking about it for a week now.  It’s the last week in October, it’s Colorado, I think snow is less than earthshaking.

If it’s record setting, there will be pictures, I promise.  But for now, I’m making a Raspberry Chocolate Torte – this recipe, minus the nuts and with a raspberry sauce topping.  It’s for a birthday tomorrow that hopefully I’m not going to get snowed in and stuck with it.

We’re also well prepared with Chicken Tortilla Soup and the last of the weekend’s  Spicy Potato soup.  So, I guess, bring it on.  I’ll update.  Until then…



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