Snow Update

The blur is the snow falling on my lens. This is what it looks like up and down the street.

The snow was not as uneventful as I would have liked.  It’s still snowing, but it was 80 degrees the day before, so it is melting quickly.  But before it goes, it left its mark.  My neighborhood was up all night after tree limbs began falling like leaves – damaging cars, dropping power lines and starting a transformer on fire, which we all watched carefully in case it decided to ignite the tree next to it.  Good times, good times.

The fun seemed to slow down and by 2 am, we all went back to our respective homes.  By 4 am they had the electricity back on  – I was still up and watched in admiration as two lineman deftly removed the tree branches and reconnected the power in less than 15 minutes.

Ooops, there goes another transformer and/or line, I’m becoming blasé to the explosions and fireworks.

I have to run into work, hopefully that will be uneventful.

UPDATE:  The cake was a welcome success as we all trekked into the office.  I highly recommend the raspberry sauce (recipe here)  as the perfect topping to this.