Italian beef

I dug a frozen beef roast out of the box this morning, early.  Asked Mrs J if she had any druthers.

“Italian beef!”

I can do that.  Had to thaw it first, took a couple of hours.  I poked around online looking over some recipes and came away with a plan.  First thing was to cook the meat.  Firing up a burner under a heavy sauce pot with some oil and garlic, the roast went in for a good searing on all sides.  Assembling the juice was next order of business.  I poured 3 cups of beef broth into a sauce pan, added 1 teaspoon each of black pepper, garlic powder, dried oregano, dried basil, onion powder, and red pepper flakes.  1 bay leaf was added, and a 0.7 oz packet of Italian dressing mix.  Bring that to a simmer and dump it all into the pot with the browned roast.  I sliced a large yellow onion to go with it.

Cook it, covered, in a 350 oven until it’s done.  Mine took a couple of hours, it’s hard to overcook the meat but I suppose it can be done.  It was my intention to use my handy dandy electric slicer so I didn’t need it to be falling apart.  I did let it get to 180 degrees on the thermometer.

I wanted to chill it quickly so I could get to slicing it so it went into the freezer.  Alas, my slicer thing shot craps on me and I had to do almost the whole roast by hand.  I managed OK.

To serve, split a bun or a section of loaf and then dredge the sliced meat through the juices left in the pot and brought back to a simmer.  This re-warms the meat and adds the all important juices to the sandwich.  Pile it onto the bun.  Ladle more juice if needed.  You need it, go ahead and spoon more on there.

We always serve them with pepperoncini.


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  1. This looks incredible! What a lovely idea for lunch 😀


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