Mmm… Deep Fried Hash Browns

I wondered how these would turn out.  Took a grated potato and squeezed the water out of it, then tried to make some little potato balls with a cookie scoop for a mold.  No binder of any kind, and they fell apart in the fryer basket, mostly.  Nothing else to do but let the hot oil work.  When they looked nice and brown I tipped them onto a rack to drain, and salted them hot.  The end product wasn’t what I had envisioned but they were very good nonetheless-crispy and crunchy, a nice textural counterpoint to the sunny side up eggs.  I’m thinking hard about how to exploit these things in another dish.  I wonder if dusting them with flour and dipping in egg would help to hold them together?  Batter?  Time is wasting, work to do!

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