Fresh Ricotta

Yesterday I went Googling around looking for good ideas for using the onion jam and clicked on a smittenkitchen link.  It’s always a good idea to take a look at whatever she puts up over there.  She was using some onion jam on a pizza, along with home made ricotta and some prosciutto.  Hmm…homemade ricotta.  It looked easy enough.  We were going out Saturday morning anyway, so we made sure to buy the whole milk and some buttermilk the ricotta recipes were calling for.

Add 2 cups of buttermilk to 2 quarts of whole milk in a heavy sauce pot.  Turn the heat up high and scrape the bottom to prevent scorching.

Keep at it until the temp reaches 175 degrees, you will want to use a thermometer of some sort.  Candy making thermometer works fine.

When you hit 175, turn off the burner and quit stirring for 5 minutes so the curds can assemble themselves on the top.

Dip the curds out with a slotted spoon, skimmer, or some other utensil.

Dump the curds into a cheesecloth lined colander or strainer so the water (whey) can drain.  Give it 15 minutes or so.

Then gather the edges of the cheesecloth with a rubber band and use a skewer or something to let it hang over the sink or a bowl.  Anything to catch the liquid as it drains out. Discard the liquid, don’t squeeze the cheesecloth to hurry it.

After an hour or so it should be looking like this.  Refrigerate for up to 3 days.

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