Mmm… chili garlic shrimp

I opened a bag of frozen shrimp this afternoon and was surprised at the size of those things.  They were raw so I had to peel and devein them after they thawed.  I had planned a basic shrimp and broccoli stir fry but I thought they needed a little more than that.  I sauteed them in oil with plenty of garlic over high heat and got just a touch of char on an edge or two before I took them out to cook the broccoli.  I usually return the shrimp to the pan at the end to coat everything with the sauce but I held them aside and served them just like they came from the pan the first time.  I would have loved to cook them in a chili garlic sauce but Mrs J would have had my head.  I settled for a good bit added to mine on the plate.

Some fried rice and a few of those nice dumplings rounded out the meal tonight.

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