Mmm… Eggs poached in tomato sauce

I’ve seen this dish before in several places and it looked pretty good every time I ran across it.  This is my first time making it.  All of the recipes I’ve seen are different only in the sauces the eggs are cooked in.  There are Mid Eastern recipes and North African recipes and Italian ones, of course.  The mechanics are pretty much the same:  Bring the sauce to a simmer and add the eggs, cover, wait until the yolk is how you like it, and spoon the egg onto a plate.  Some recipes would have you basting the eggs with the sauce.  I just let mine simmer.

I used a bowl to serve these, pretty sure a plate would have worked as well given the thick sauce I had.  Thinner/soupier sauces need a bowl.  Today’s sauce was made of some tomatoes we gleaned from the garden yesterday and cooked down with garlic and the usual herbs – basil, oregano,  and thyme.  I cut some nan bread into wedges for dipping and scraping goodness from the bottom of the bowl, and grated some Parmesan for a top garnish.  I recall seeing similar dishes with the eggs served right on top of some crusty bread – I very nearly went that route today.