Cheese Stuffed Manicotti

Made another batch of ricotta and made it into a big bowl of cheese stuffing for pasta.  Mixed some Italian sausage into it as well.  We had enough to stuff 14 manicotti, about 30 jumbo shells, and still had some leftover.  The stuffing included some chopped spinach, a couple of eggs, shredded mozzarella, Parmesan, various dried herbs along with the crumbled sausage and the diced onion the meat cooked with.  Quite a bowlful.

We have that bunch of shells dressed out with sauce and put away for later dinners.

Mrs J voted for the tubes for dinner tonight.  We have several more of these stuffed and put away along side of the jumbo shells.

Twenty minutes or so at 400 was long enough to warm these through.  Much longer and the exposed pasta will dry out and get hard.

It takes just a few to make a plateful.  Oh, and I mentioned there was still some of the cheese stuffing mix?  I found a use for that.

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