Bacon Jam

Someone mentioned bacon jam.  I had to go look up some recipes.  There are plenty, some involve more effort than others, this one seemed just right.

We had an uh-oh moment this morning, the door on the big freezer stood ajar all night.  We didn’t lose any thing other than some phyllo dough and a wee bit of ice cream.  Some baggies of homemade smoked bacon a friend gave us were pretty much thawed so the bacon jam sounded like a good plan this afternoon.

We used a store brand sugar substitute in lieu of the brown sugar, and Mrs Butterworth’s lite syrup rather than the maple the recipe called for.  Mmm… maple syrup.  Sigh.  I fixed Mrs J a turkey sandwich midway through the bacon jam project and topped it with the candied bacon/onion mixture that was nearly ready for the processor.  It was good with the leftover sweet potato slices and the dab of cranberry relish.

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