Mmm… A “good morning” breakfast for you.

6 thoughts on “Mmm… A “good morning” breakfast for you.

  1. Yesterday I learned that what I have been calling ancho sauce can be termed “mole poblano”, although most red or dark moles include chocolate. Did some Gooling around for mole, read the Wikipedia entry, and looked at some recipes. I started out looking for tamale recipes.


  2. Looks good, as usual.

    I’m about to hijack the thread. Been experimenting, don’t like my results yet well enough to post, thought I’d throw the idea out for the breakfast guy (grin) to play with.

    Do a Scrambler(tm) right. ( )

    I like the concept, and find the fast food version … tolerable. I’ve done a few things that I like better, but I think it can be better yet. My opinion is it’s not just the ingredients but their intermingled flavors when digging in to eat, and that’s where… well, I’ll let you go to it.

    Oh — moles. Yep. Though if you get to it, a good pizza or spaghetti sauce is also a mole. Mexican moles all have some chilis, but so do a surprising number of pizza/spaghetti sauces. (Not a traditional marinara, but remember that capsicum, like salt and clove, is a catalyst spice that enhances other flavors.)


  3. You know, considering I love chocolate, you’d think I’d be a shoo-in for mole sauces, but so far none have sparked me. Now that I read the wikepedia entries too…looks like there are many more for me to try…


  4. Part of the problem might be the fact that moles aren’t chocolate. Instead it’s a spice like cloves or garlic. Most people I’ve spoken to who try them expect to taste the chocolate. Most people, however, don’t have enough sense of taste to identify anything but dominant spices.


  5. Kirk-
    Not sure breakfast in a cup is going to do it for me, but a pile of stuff in a sammich rings all the right notes. Now, an edible cup? Hmm…


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