Gadget post – Panasonic LX5

This has been out for a year or so but a recent post over at Balloon Juice touting a sale on them tipped me over to buying one despite the fact that I already own a decent pocket camera. The newer camera has more bells and whistles, improved manual controls, and a much faster lens.I really haven’t had much time to mess with it yet due to a problem with the DSL modem that I spent way too much time on yesterday.  I have taken a few pictures, some with manual settings and a last one this morning with it set to automatic everything – the real point and shoot option.  Available light from an open door in the rear and some light from a ceiling fixture:Homer sure looks like he is being a good kitty, waiting patiently for breakfast to be served.  Actually, he was being a good kitty, it has been a long slog but he rarely jumps up onto the table these days.

I took this one last night, stuck my head out of the door with the camera set at its widest aperture and zoomed in some, not sure if it was max zoom but I think not.  Only light was from a porch light just above the scene:

 Here is one taken with the flash deployed, and the zoom lens backed all the way off:

And a few more, Bea in available light, and Annie.  Annie is closer to the lamp.

So, first impression:  Nice little camera – I’m looking forward to packing it with me to the farmer’s market next year.  I’m not going to try to give a substantive review because I’m just not qualified but there are reviews out there from people who are:  Here’s one, and a quick search turns up another.  Here is the Amazon link – there are a ton of reviews there.

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  1. I bet it has a “food” setting on it, both of mine do. Not that I use it in lieu of my Nikons. I think it adds saturation when it encodes the jpg, and maybe some other in camera tweaks.


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