Gadget Post – Home Coffee Roaster

And a gift idea for all those insufferable yuppie baby boomers on your list.  Although this particular model may draw sniffs of disapproval and dismissal as a “glorified popcorn popper”.

We’ve had this for a month or so now, long enough to have run four or five pounds of various beans through it.  We haven’t found the perfect coffee yet but we keep looking.  It’s big enough to roast beans for 2 or 3 pots of coffee – just about enough to last us one day. We started with a sampler selection from Sweet Maria’s place. Lots of good info there.

I was looking forward to the smell of coffee roasting until I actually smelled coffee roasting.  It has a lot in common with the familiar fall aroma from days past when  burning piles of leaves were more common.  You will want to use this thing under an oven hood and maybe crack some windows open too.  It will set off smoke alarms.Here it is a few minutes into a cycle, the beans tumble about in the hot air blowing up from the bottom of the unit,  The top has outlet vents and a screen to catch the chaff from the beans.

And here it is further along, nearing the end, the beans are much darker.  There is a whole vocabulary to learn when discussing coffee roasting:  City roast, first crack, Vienna, full city plus, second crack, light roast– and on and on.  Some others that I just now made up:  Full city burnt, charcoal beans, and…just the way Mrs J likes it.

We’ve just scratched the surface but we have been getting some pretty good coffee out of it.  Supermarket Folger’s just won’t cut it at all anymore.

3 thoughts on “Gadget Post – Home Coffee Roaster

  1. Bitzy is adorable…as is the object of her affection. The coffee roaster is pretty cool. LOL on the smell. I used to ride by a small coffee distributor and depending on the day, the smell was wither burnt popcorn or burnt woodsy. I was surprised like you. Really, shouldn’t roasting coffee smell heavenly?

    EDIT: You know, calicoes are notorious for having one love and just tolerating everyone else. Did she choose you? (and now I’m having severe deja-vu…did I already ask you that question?)


  2. I have no idea whether I am the chosen one or merely the default. Mrs J has administered all the various medicines and other potions the wee lass has required to fight off infections. Daily doses of antibiotics and eye drops have done the job and she seems healthy but is leery of Mrs J now. Bitsy seems quite the independent kitty, she visits my lap daily and checks to see if my nose is ready but is soon off playing by herself or with Homer.


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