Christmas Eve Dinner

Fanuiel Hall

I think I have the menu set for Christmas Eve.  It’s probably way too much food, but that’s what I do.  The one thing I haven’t settled on is turkey or rib roast yet.  Turkey is easier, but rib roast means I’d make my spicy blueberry sauce to go with it.  Turkey would just get my cranberry sauce and I think I would do the orange glaze turkey I didn’t do at Thanksgiving.

Once I’ve decided on that I’ll be set.  I’ll be making the tomato-basil crostini as an appetizer,  no boil garlic mashed potatoes,  a green bean with bacon and onion dish,  dark chocolate torte with a dark chocolate ganache and cranberry upside-down cake.

There might be some stuffing and a spinach-raspberry salad in there, too.  It’s a tentative list…

There will be pictures (new camera finally arrived) and updates as we approach the day.  Until then…

3 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Dinner

  1. Your Christmas Eve menu selections sound simply scrumptious! Although I’m partial to turkey, I’m sure that whatever you decide on will be ‘the right choice’!

    Have a wonderful Holiday & enjoy!



  2. Thanks Kevin.

    Yes, Jeff, camera is here, but haven’t had two seconds do more than snap a few test shots of the Christmas tree. Maybe tonight I can download them and see how they really look.

    I do love the big LCD screen and the options, and it all seems intuitive at this point, but will download the manual as backup.

    The video was okay, too. I see more cat vids in my future.


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