Christmas Eve Preparation and Gift Ideas Update

Had a nice dinner out tonight.  We have a lot of good Mexican restaurants around here, often difficult to choose between them.  Since we were at a movie beforehand, we chose the one across from the theatre.  I had a really good black bean soup, excellent coffee and sopapillas in a nice fresh strawberry puree.  I love them because they are nice and sweet, but not heavy.  Great after a nice meal.  Homesick Texan has a nice recipe for them here if you’re inclined to make your own.

I have all the ingredients for the Bacon-Cashew-Caramel Corn and will make it this weekend. Just in time to share with friends.  Being that it is holiday time, I’ll have to squeeze cooking in between events. There is always lots to do and see.  Though I am bummed I missed the fireworks this year – totally spaced them – and this year Santa skydived into town (at night, with flaming feet).  This all happened within blocks of my house, so I had no excuse.   Anyway, this weekend will be shopping and going to the Holiday Lights at the Botanic Gardens.  Good time to test out the new camera.

I’ve settled on the menu for Christmas Eve and have made my list which I’ll start picking up over the next week.  Christmas is sneaking up on us.  So in case you’re still looking for holiday gift ideas, there will be cookie recipes over the weekend to finish out your goodies tray.

Now here’s something to remember, if you run into questions, you can email me, I can usually get back to you the same day.  So if there is a recipe question or you suddenly look at your turkey and have a panic attack I can probably give you some suggestions pretty quick.  Or get you to a resource.

I’ll update you on the caramel corn and menu shopping.  Until then…