Mmm… Soups and Stews

It’s getting that time of year for nice soups and stews and such like.  We had some seafood gumbo the other day:I made some pork stock recently, first time I’ve tried it and wasn’t sure it would work but I took a shot at it.  We made a big pot of navy beans cooked with smocked hocks a few days back.  As usual, I removed the hocks to cool and stripped out what meat I could and returned that to the pot.  We have been throwing the bones and skin and gristle away ever since the vet told us not to give any to the dogs, but with the memory of making a wonderful stock from the Thanksgiving turkey carcass still fresh in my mind I did the same with these bones.  Roasted them in a hot oven until they were nearly burned (I meant to do that!) and then simmered them in a big pot with celery, onions, carrots, garlic and etc.  Worked great!  I used it making some ham and beans:That’s a wedge of my World Famous Cheddar Cornbread in there.  Alas, there aren’t any fresh jalapenos in this batch.  Here’s a little breakfast pr0n:We love us some breakfast links!  There’s hash browned potatoes under the eggs.  Mmm…

Just had a little lunch.  Mrs J finished off the beans with another piece of the cornbread and I cooked some fresh rice up because there were some gumbo leftovers I thought would  be yummy.  I was correct:

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