Mmm… roast pork

I mentioned that we roasted a small chunk of lamb for our big holiday dinner.  The size of the roast made me realize that we didn’t have a proper sized roasting pan.  We have a couple that are huge, big enough for the largest turkey and they’ve seen a lot of use over the years.  What we didn’t have was a pan sized for the smaller cuts like the 3 pound leg of lamb.  I remedied that.This one is by Chicago Metallic and measures 13″x9″ and is just over 2″ deep.  Pressed and formed from steel with a non stick coating that I hope holds up.  It wasn’t very expensive but I didn’t want to spend a lot on an occasional item.  I did try it out right away.

That pork butt has been in the freezer for a good while, bought during a pretty good sale on pork.  I think I paid twice as much for the lamb and only got half the meat.  I knew that a good sandwich would have to be the first thing so I made some buns from the same recipe I used on those hot rolls.

Worked out great.  Made a super lunch when paired with some french fries.  I used the BBQ sauce from this recipe.